Mouse Behavior Box

Mouse behavior chamber for Bpod
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The Bpod mouse behavior box (beta) is a behavior chamber for use with Bpod. It is constructed entirely from laser-cut acrylic and 3D printed nylon (SLS printer). The box is under active development, but we're making it available early for beta testers who wish to try it and provide feedback. It comes outfitted with 3 behavior ports, 3 interface boards and 3 solenoid valves. To use the box, you will need to supply a tray to collect waste.




  • Clear 3mm laser-cut acrylic allows video monitoring
  • Handle for easy removal


  • White 3mm laser-cut acrylic
  • 3 port holes (see github for other configurations)
  • A grid of holes passes sound for auditory stimuli


  • White 3mm laser-cut acrylic
  • Handle for easy removal
  • 2 retaining pins secure the floor during behavior
  • 5mm slits help prevent waste from collecting inside


  • Top and bottom parts 3D printed from plastic resin
  • Top contains a track for the roof
  • Bottom contains rubber feet


  • L: 19.3cm ~(7 1/2")
  • W: 14.0cm ~(5 1/2")
  • H: 13.9cm ~(5 1/8")

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