Port interface + valve

Bpod port interface board
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This board is a Port interface including a solenoid valve for liquid reward delivery. It connects Bpod Finite State Machine via an Ethernet cable, to a behavior port mounted inside your experimental chamber. It is compact enough to mount vertically behind adjacent ports that are 5mm apart. The board contains a thumbwheel potentiometer wired to adjust the current (and consequently, brightness) of the port LED. This allows the experimenter to calibrate the maximum brightness of multiple ports. The board comes with a 3D printed mount, for convenient attachment to the Bpod mouse behavior box.



  • RJ45 connector


  • 1 valve connector (screw terminal)
  • 1 photogate + LED connector (screw terminal)


  • Lee Company LHD Series
  • 12V Solenoid, SI seal
  • Fully open in 4ms
  • Bottom port sealed by Sanworks for 2-way operation


  • L: 7cm (2 3/4")
  • W: 2.5cm (1")
  • H: 2cm (3/4")

Comments (4)

August 3, 2021, 8:11 am PDT   (Edited)

The solenoid valve is typically used to deliver rewards between 2-30 microliters. It has faster kinetics than most solenoid valves - opening/closing takes 3ms for liquid and 2ms for air. Bpod software has a calibration function to ensure that each valve delivers the same amount of liquid. For sugar containing liquids, we recommend using an isolation or pinch valve. Circuit diagrams are given as Eagle files in the Github link above.

May 23, 2021, 12:19 am PDT

Does this device control air flow as well as liquids? What are the output actions? Which connectors on the devicde do what?

August 4, 2020, 9:31 am PDT

Hi Josh - Are circuit diagrams available from somewhere? Could not find it on the Wiki. (Trying to interface this part to different electronics). Thanks!

February 25, 2019, 9:41 am PST   (Edited)

Hey, how precise is this thing, what is the minimum reward amount that can be reliably delivered? If I got 2, would I be sure that the same amount of reward comes out of both if opening times/tube thickness/ reservoir height were all the same? I would like to use milkshake or apple juice? I've been hurt by solenoid reward delivery methods before... Sincerely, Bob