Assembly Service

Sanworks proudly assembles, validates and ships open source Neuroscience instruments, for researchers who would prefer not to risk self-assembly.

Lead time: 30 days


Pulse Pal v2

Open source pulse train generator

Lead time: 30 days


Bpod State Machine r0.8

Open platform for precision animal behavior measurement

Out of Stock


Mouse Behavior Box

Mouse behavior chamber for Bpod

5 in stock


Analog output module 4ch

Low-latency analog output for Bpod

Lead time: 45 days


Analog input module 8ch

Analog input for Bpod; logging, streaming and event detection.

Lead time: 30 days


Bpod DDS Module

Generates a rapidly configurable sine or triangle waveform

2 in stock


Bpod SNES Module

Integrates Super Nintendo gamepad buttons with Bpod

4 in stock


Bpod Arduino Shield r0.7

Interfaces Bpod r0.7 with Arduino

Out of Stock


Bpod Valve Driver Module

8-channel isolated valve driver

Lead time: 30 days


Analog output module 8ch

Low-latency analog output for Bpod

1 in stock


I2C Messenger Module

Translates the Bpod module bus to I2C

25 in stock


Port interface + valve

Bpod port interface board

Lead time: 30 days


Mouse port + air line

Mouse behavior port with an extra tube for air delivery

Lead time: 30 days


Rotary Encoder Module

Rotary encoder interface for Bpod

Out of Stock



Generates a TTL pulse to signal the instant an LCD display updates

Out of Stock


Optical Lickometer

Record lick events and deliver liquid reward in functional imaging assays

63 in stock


Port interface board

Bpod port interface board

3 in stock


Mouse port assembly

Mouse port, interface, valve and mount

16 in stock


Open Ephys sync board

Connects Bpod r0.5 state codes to Open Ephys

7 in stock


Neuralynx sync board

Connects Bpod r0.5 state codes to Neuralynx

7 in stock


Mouse Behavior Port

Mouse-sized port with photo-gate, LED and steel drinking tube

15 in stock


CAT5e Cable - 1'

Ethernet cable to link Bpod modules

20 in stock


CAT5e Cable - 3'

Ethernet cable to connect ports

23 in stock


Solenoid Valve

Fast valve for precise liquid dispensing

10 in stock


Pulse Pal 2 PCB

Printed circuit board for Pulse Pal 2

1 in stock


Bpod 0.5 PCB

Printed circuit board for Bpod 0.5

Out of Stock


ASUS Xonar DSX Sound Card

Sound card for auditory stimulus presentation