Pulse Pal v2

Open source pulse train generator
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Pulse Pal 2 builds on the success of the original Pulse Pal with major design improvements. Like its predecessor, output channels are independently programmable, and deliver precisely timed voltage pulse trains when triggered. The newest version is powered by Arduino Due (an open source ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller platform), to simplify firmware accessability. It features improved surface mount components - a 12-bit bipolar DAC provides greater voltage precision, and an integrated microSD card allows channel parameters to be saved and loaded for enhanced use as a stand-alone device. Its 4-layer circuit board has separate digital and analog ground planes, reducing the noise floor to make full use of 12 bits across the range of output voltages (-10 to +10V).



Trigger channels

  • 2 TTL trigger channels, optically isolated
  • Logic high voltage range: +3 to +5V DC
  • Minimum pulse width to trigger: 100µs
  • Software-configurable interpretation of trigger pulses

Output channels

  • 4 output channels, driven by a precision DAC: Analog Devices AD5724R
  • Voltage range: -10 to +10V DC
  • Minimum pulse width: 100µs
  • 20mA short-circuit current, >2kΩ load for specified performance
  • Slew rate: 3.5V/µs
  • Output channel noise: ~5mV p-p (exact value dependent on USB supply)
  • Software-configurable resting voltage


  • 4GB MicroSD card (included) stores pulse train parameters in files
  • 96k SRAM for playback logic, and 2 custom pulse trains of 5000 pulses each

Programming APIs

  • MATLAB r2009a-2015b (includes optional GUI)
  • GNU Octave 4
  • Python 2.7
  • C++


  • All communication and power is accomplished through a single USB port (USB micro cable included)
  • Fully isolated stand-alone operation possible when powered from USB battery (i.e. EasyAcc Powerbank)


  • Blue oLED display allows stand-alone operation with thumb joystick
  • Bright blue indicators show when output channel is not at the configured resting voltage
  • Trigger channel indicators show when logic is currently high

Material safety


  • L: 16.8cm (6 5/8")
  • W: 4.1cm (1 5/8")
  • H: 10.1cm (4")

Notice: Pulse Pal is NOT approved for direct stimulation of human subjects. Researchers seeking to electrically stimulate live tissue are advised to use Pulse Pal to drive an analog stimulus isolator. Pulse Pal is not a medical device, and is not intended to be used in a medical setting. All use of Pulse Pal is at your own risk, and by using it, you agree that Sanworks is not liable to you for damages. Please read our terms and conditions.

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