Bpod Valve Driver Module

8-channel isolated valve driver
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The valve driver module allows the Bpod state machine (v0.7+) to control 8 solenoid valves. Valves can be supplied with 12 - 24 V, and each channel can source up to 250 mA of continuous current. When controlled from the state machine, valve current is set with < 100μs latency. The driver side is galvanically isolated from the control circuitry, and receives its power from a DC wall adapter matched to your load and drive voltage (not included; see specs below). The module's control circuitry can be powered directly from State Machine r2, eliminating the need for a separate USB cable.

Bpod state machines r0.7-0.8 have a much more limited 8-channel valve driver onboard, which serves each behavior port. It drives 12V valves only, with 70mA max continuous current, and only one valve can be open at a time. With the new driver module, Bpod state machines now have the ability to control larger inductive loads (e.g. solenoid pinch valves and solenoid actuators), and valves can be controlled in parallel. The board's most common uses are for behavioral reinforcement (liquid and air dispensing), and air flow control in olfactory research.

The valve driver module does not yet have an acrylic enclosure design. Instead, it has a 3D printed layer of insulating plastic mounted below the board, to prevent short circuits if it accidentally rests on a conductive surface. The top of the board is exposed, and conductive liquids or other objects dropped onto the board may cause a short circuit. Sanworks is not responsible if this happens; see terms and conditions. For now, we recommend mounting the board in a safe location in your behavior setup, protected from physical contact with conductive materials.

The valve module has a simple serial interface, which uses the same syntax to drive valves from MATLAB, Python or the Bpod state machine.



Valve driver

  • Isolated 8-channel driver IC: Infineon ISO1H811G
  • Valve voltage: 12V - 24V
  • Continuous current: up to 250mA per channel

Valve power supply

  • DC adapter REQUIRED (not included)
  • 12 - 24V, > 1.5A recommended
  • 2.1mm barrel jack, POSITIVE center
  • Using our valves, we have tested the board extensively with this DC adapter: (US) (UK) (Europe):

Controller power supply

  • Can be derived from a USB A to B-micro cable (not included)
  • By connecting an onboard jumper, the controller can be powered from a compatible Bpod state machine (e.g. the Pocket State Machine). In this configuration, a dedicated USB cable is not required.

Material safety


  • L: 9.0cm (6")
  • W: 4.0cm (1 5/8")
  • H: 2.2cm (7/8")

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