Analog output module 4ch

Low-latency analog output for Bpod
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This module provides 4 analog voltage output channels, which are independently controlled by either the Bpod state machine, or a second Bpod module. With its default firmware, the analog output module can store arbitrary waveforms and play them on trigger with low latency. Alternatively, it can run Pulse Pal firmware to deliver parametric voltage pulse trains for stimulation, or closed-loop firmware to generate analog output signals mapped with a transfer function from an input module data stream.



  • Requires Bpod v0.7 or newer.



  • Bpod State Machine (via RS-485 buffered UART, 1.3Mb/s)
  • Second Bpod Module (via RS-485 buffered UART, 1.3Mb/s)
  • USB


  • 4 output channels, driven by a 16-bit precision DAC: Analog Devices AD5754R
  • Output Range: software selectable among:
    • [0 to +5V]
    • [0 to +10V]
    • [0 to +12V]
    • [-5 to +5V]
    • [-10 to +10V]
    • [-12 to +12V]
  • 20mA short-circuit current, >2kΩ load for specified performance

WavePlayer Firmware

  • Up to 64 waveforms can be stored on the device (loaded by USB at ~8Mb/s)
  • Waveform size: up to 1M Samples per waveform
  • 3-byte messages trigger the device, specifying waveforms and target channels (pre-selection not required)
  • Playback start/stop latency: <100μs
  • Configurable sampling rate: 1Hz-50kHz. (up to 100kHz with ch3-4 disabled)
  • Trigger options:
    • Normal mode (trigger bytes during playback ignored by targeted channels)
    • Toggle mode (trigger bytes during playback stop targeted channels)
    • Master mode (trigger bytes during playback instantly replace current waveform on targeted channels)
  • Optionally, playback start and stop events can send event codes to the Bpod state machine.
  • MATLAB API provided as part of the Bpod repository.

PulsePalModule Firmware

  • With this firmware, the module functions as a Pulse Pal device - it plays parametrically defined voltage pulse trains on trigger.
  • Serial triggering enables Bpod to trigger any subset of channels with a single byte message.
  • Trigger toggle mode enables stimulation to be selectively active between Bpod states, or for the duration of Bpod's global timers.
  • 4 custom Pulse trains defined by up to 10,000 pulse onset times and voltages can be loaded on any channel.
  • MATLAB API provided as part of the Bpod repository


  • 8GB MicroSD card included


  • L: 10cm (4")
  • W: 12cm (4.5")
  • H: 4cm (1.5")

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