Bpod Arduino Shield r0.7

Interfaces Bpod r0.7 with Arduino
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The Bpod Arduino Shield r0.7 interfaces a bi-directional UART serial connection between Bpod 0.7 and a separate 32-bit Arduino board. This allows Bpod to exchange bytes with a separate microcontroller at low latency, and provides an interface to the wide range of Arduino shields (expansion boards). Arduino Shield r0.7 uses an RS-485 driver IC to convert the Arduino board's single-ended UART signal into a differential signal, which allows high data rates (>1Mb/s) over CAT5 twisted wire pairs. If you need to interface Bpod with a new sensor or actuator, this board provides an excellent starting point.



  • RJ45 connector

Compatible boards

  • Arduino M0, M0 pro, Zero
  • Arduino Due


  • L: 5.3cm (2 1/16")
  • W: 4.2cm (1 5/8")
  • H: 2.5cm (1")

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