Mouse port assembly

Mouse port, interface, valve and mount
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The Bpod Mouse Behavior Port is used to measure mouse decision behavior, provide visual cues and deliver liquid rewards. It contains a photogate, a white LED, a fast solenoid valve and a steel drinking tube. Included mount secures the port in a 20.5mm x 11.5mm rectangular hole in the behavior chamber wall.



  • Method: Infrared emitter and phototransistor
  • Emitter beam angle (between half-intensity points): 10°
  • Emitter peak wavelength: 880nm
  • Phototransistor contains a visible light rejection filter
  • Phototransistor acceptance angle (nominal): 18°


  • Mounted internally to illuminate the port interior
  • Software adjustable intensity control (with Bpod)
  • Hardware adjustable intensity control (with included interface board)

Drinking tube

  • 15Ga stainless steel hypodermic tube

Port housing material

Board inputs

  • RJ45 connector

Board outputs

  • 1 valve connector (screw terminal)
  • 1 photogate + LED connector (screw terminal)


  • Lee Company LHD Series
  • 12V Solenoid, SI seal
  • Fully open in 4ms
  • Bottom port sealed by Sanworks for 2-way operation


  • Diameter: 2.2cm (7/8")
  • Height (excluding drinking tube): 2cm (3/4")

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