Scientific consulting

At Sanworks, we enjoy hearing about how our systems have accelerated exciting new research programs. In certain cases, we may be able to participate more directly. Our in-house expertise is well positioned to solve many bioscience engineering challenges:

  • Software (specializing in instrument control and data analysis)
    • MATLAB
    • Python
    • C++/Arduino
    • Java/Android
    • HTML5/CSS/Javascript/PHP/MySQL

  • Hardware (specializing in low-cost measurement and stimulus control)
    • Embedded circuit prototyping
    • Printed circuit board design with Eagle CAD
    • 2D design / Laser, water-jet cutting
    • 3D design / 3D printing
    • Digital and analog sensing
    • Mechanical, acoustic and optical actuators

The projects below are examples of custom research systems developed by our staff.
To inquire about how we can bootstrap your project, email us at

Drosophila tracking and closed-loop
optogenetic stimulation system

Pipeline for automated high throughput
mouse behavioral training

7-channel body temperature
maintenance system for CT imaging

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