Jobs @ Sanworks

Assembly Service Intern

Sanworks is now hiring a paid intern to assist our manufacturing lead with daily operations. The job site is our on-campus workshop at Stony Brook University.
Responsibilities will include:

  • Assembly of scientific instruments
  • Bench-testing and QC inspection
  • Packing, shipping and invoicing

We are looking for someone who has:

  • Work or advanced hobby experience with any of:
    • Electronics (e.g. prototyping, soldering)
    • Microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino, Teensy, PIC)
    • 3D-printing or laser cutting
  • Some interest in how the crazy-cool supercomputer between your ears produces experiences, generates behaviors, and how it malfunctions in mental disorders.
  • Pride in work released - quality manufacturing keeps our systems powering experiments in over 200 Neuroscience labs worldwide.

If you're serious about joining us, there's a helpful tip in the geocache at:
Lat:40.911936, Lng:-73.113365

SBU Students Preferred.

Send a brief cover letter and CV to: