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Pulse Pal

Pulse Pal is an open source pulse train generator for physiology and behavior.

Bpod beta

Bpod is a system for rodent behavior measurement and closed-loop control.


Post about your technical challenges. It's quite likely that you are not alone.

  • Timing just got simpler.

    Pulse Pal 2 simplifies precise control of stimulation.

    Now available from our assembly service, Pulse Pal 2 controls timing and intensity of lasers, LEDs, stimulus isolators and more.

  • Spring is here, analog is imminent!

    Beginning with our new analog output module for Bpod.

    Bpod's new analog input, output and DDS synthesizer modules will integrate new stimuli, sensors and actuators.

  • Thinking inside the box?

    Precisely quantified behavior is essential for brain research.

    Our mouse box provides a Bpod-ready solution for training and measuring mouse decision-making behavior.

Discover Sanworks

A public resource

To measure and understand diverse behaviors, Neuroscience requires a community of determined hardware hackers, who don't always benefit from an engineering background. Sanworks maintains a dedicated forum for public discussion of technical challenges and support requests.

Our contribution

We open-source our neuroscience technology, providing a practical alternative to expensive, proprietary equipment and custom engineering. Our contributions include a real-time system to measure trial-based behavior with high temporal precision, and a system to generate patterned neural stimulation.

Progress bulletin

Our news feed keeps you informed about the latest technology we release, our corporate growth, and general events of interest in our community. We also tweet regularly with the latest workshop happenings. Check back often to stay informed.

Assembly service

Researchers often want the benefits of an open system, but would prefer professional assembly to DIY. Sanworks provides an assmebly service, to streamline access to our systems. Assembly service products are assembled by us in-house, except for surface-mount work which we order from our manufacturing partners in large batches.

Accelerate Neuroscience. Share.

We share our software APIs and device firmware files. We share documentation explaining how to use our software.

We share schematics for our circuit boards, and complete design files for enclosures and mechanical components.

We share the complete bill of materials and illustrated, step by step instructions for self-assembling each of our systems.