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PulsePalWavGen square pulse with ramp down
Hi Scott

Unfortunately, Pulse Pal's firmware does not regard the time elapsed between trigger channel logic states as a variable that can shape waveform output. This can definitely be programmed in - there is no hardware limitation - but you'd be working in Arduino, not MATLAB.

At some point in the future I had in mind to release a bare-bones firmware for Pulse Pal developers. I wrote an Arduino library for Pulse Pal's DAC IC, so you can interface with it at a higher level. It's currently provided as part of a closed loop firmware example for the analog output module. See AD5754R.h and its use in AnalogLoop_OutputModule.ino


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RE: PulsePalWavGen square pulse with ramp down - by Josh - 05-05-2017, 03:07 PM

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