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sync bpod r2 with open ephys
Hi guys,
I was wondering if any of you uses the Bpod r2 state machine together with Open Ephys, so far I used Intan and sync via two 4 channel breakout boards (now switching to one 8 channel one) via TTL. I read that the sync breakout board is not working with Bpod r2, how can I sync to Open Ephys?

Cheers Max
Hi Max,

To sync Bpod State Machine r0.7 - r2 with Open Ephys, connect a BNC cable from an output channel on the state machine to the Open Ephys I/O board.
From the settings (wrench) icon on the Bpod Console, select 'Sync' and you can choose any available digital output channel to send sync signals on. Two schemes are available - the line can go high at the beginning of each trial and low at the end, or it can change logic levels with each state change.
I hope this helps!

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