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PC as BPOD Module ?
Hi Josh:

I am trying to connect a PC (a Virtual Reality Engine for Behavioral Tasks) to BPOD as if it were a Module.

My plan is to send some signals as events to BPOD when the subject reaches certain places in the Virtual World.

I thought this connection could be achieved with some of these USB to serial/RS 485 converters:

I made a small presentation to show the main goal and the possible connection diagrams:

Maybe there is another way to achieve this objective (PC as BPOD module) 

Thank you very much for your help on this topic Josh

Hi Alvaro,

You can make the connection you're describing with the Bpod Teensy Shield, a Teensy 3.2, and a single line mod to the echo module firmware.

The mod is: delete line 47:

Serial1.write(SerialOutputBuffer, outputBufferIndex);

You will then have a module that relays any bytes from the state machine to USB, and any bytes from USB to the state machine.


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