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Register BNC/Wire input in trial events

We are using bpod r0.5 (Gen 1). I have an external input (which we can make it either BNC or wire TTL) that I would like to embed its high and low TTL signals as events in the trial, without switching the states.

The rationale is that the external input is a delayed optogentics activation signal that is initially activated by a bpod TTL output, however as the execution is delayed and controlled by an external arduino, so the (de)activation can occur within any bpod state. The goal is to have the optogentics TTL signal embedded in the trial data such that it reflect more accurately the trigger time, and to catch any potential bugs where the optogentics didn't fire.

Is it possible to achieve such behavior?

Hi Hatem,

Any incoming TTL logic transitions on BNC or wire input lines during a trial will be saved with your data.
If your data structure is called SessionData, you'll find the transition timestamps in:


Where N is the trial of interest.

I hope this helps!
Hi Josh,

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed that trick worked. I tried before with a BNC but probably it was a bad cable, a new cable worked fine. Also TTL input wires worked, but I forgot initially that I needed to enable them in bpod's main settings ports windows.


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