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Cannot connect Pulse Pal to Ubuntu 14.04

I am trying to connect my Pulse Pal to Ubuntu 14.04, and the system does not recognize connection at all.

I am not sure from where to start my debugging given that I do not have any error message.

I can connect this Pulse Pal to Windows without any problem. Also, I can connect Arduino boards to Ubuntu computer without any problem.

Could you please guide me my first debugging steps?

Hi Dima,

What happens when you get no error message? Is this after you run PulsePal; from the MATLAB command line? Does the command line return? Or does it hang until you press ctrl-C? If it hangs, what line does it break on when you press ctrl-C?

Hi Josh,

As far as I could have understood from the guidelines, one does not need to install any drivers after connecting PulsePal to Ubuntu.

When I connect USB cable of my PulsePal to the Ubuntu computer, I do not see it in the devices or in the virtual ports of Arduino software (as I usually do on Windows).

When I try to connect it via Matlab, it gives me this error:


Thank you very much for your help!

Hi Dima,

Is your ubuntu user account a member of the 'dialout' group? If not, run this line in a terminal window:
sudo usermod -a -G dialout pulsepaluser (if pulsepaluser is your username)

You should also install PsychToolbox - much easier than configuring MATLAB's Java serial interface to have the right permissions. Pulse Pal will then default to using its (much faster) serial interface, which should work without any additional configuration.

Please let me know if this works for you.


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