Non continuous interval timers

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Non continuous interval timers
Hi, Guys,

I need to implement a waiting task where animals have to poke in and stay. Since mice are very dashy and the beam breaker is sometimes open by their fast movements I allow animals to leave and come back as long as they remain in the poke for 50% of the total time within a trial. In order to do it, I'd need to keep track of the time spent inside each state (POKE_IN). SetGlobalTimer() allows for counting continuous intervals but not non continuous intervals. Any idea on how this could be achieved?

Hello Carlos

As currently implemented, global timers are not able to be paused and restarted. I will try to incorporate that feature in a future update.

In the past, I have handled this issue by enforcing a "grace period". When the subject first leaves the port, the state changes to a "grace" state, where a fixed amount of time is provided for re-entry, before terminating the trial. This way, momentary withdrawals from the port are not counted as leaving events.


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