sampling rate for analog module

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sampling rate for analog module
On the web page the maximum sampling rate for 4 channel (up to 100k HZ with channel 3 & 4 disabled) and 8 channel version (up to 50k HZ with channel 5-8 disabled) of analog output module is different. I was wondering if this only applies to the current products? We purchased one 8 channel version few years ago and aren't sure if the old 8 channel version can go up to 100k HZ. Thank you!
Hi Owen,

The sampling rate is limited by the processor bandwidth, so for both devices (4ch and 8ch) the maximums are:

#Channels...Max Sampling Rate
1-2ch......... 100kHz
3-4ch......... 50kHz
5-8ch......... 20kHz

It doesn't matter which channels you use, so long as you only have 1 or 2 in active playback at the same time you can play at 100kHz.


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