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Unused ports stuck in ON position, or flickering back and forth
The unused behavior ports on BPod State Machine r2 are either stuck in the ON position or are flickering back and forth between ON and OFF, erroneously recording hundreds of "events" per trial.  Is it best to address this via the hardware (potentially insufficient grounding of the ethernet port?), or via the software (change the state machine code to ignore Port3 and Port4)?  

Hi Els,

From the Bpod Console, click the settings (wrench) icon, and select 'ports'. There, you should find a checkbox for each port. Uncheck ports that are not connected to port interface boards.

The 'flickering' you're seeing is because the microcontroller input channels are floating inputs by default. They are pulled weakly high by a resistor on the port interface board (or low, if custom interface boards require it).


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