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Trigger Channels Combined
We have a Pulse Pal 2.0 set up to push a 10v monophasic square wave on channel 2 connected to trigger 1, and channel 4 connected to trigger 2. Both have a pulse duration and train duration of 50s, and both are pulse gated so that they can be pushed either for the entire 50s duration, or only 2s, depending on the duration of trigger input.

We have a problem that if one trigger initiates its channel, and the other trigger initiates its (separate) channel during that time, the first channel will continue to output as long as the second trigger is on. In effect, the first channel is responding to both triggers if they coincide. They work perfectly if the triggers don't coincide, and we're absolutely sure that each channel is only linked to its respective trigger. What's going on?
Hi mjacobs

You are absolutely correct - and thank you for the bug report!

I pushed an updated firmware version to the Pulse Pal repository (main branch):

Once you have the new files in /Pulse Pal/Firmware/PulsePal2_0_1/ you can update your firmware following the instructions here:

Much thanks,

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