after the big girls

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after the big girls
after the big girls and little daughters in the neighboring villages heard about it, often three or five people accompanied each other, over the mountains Cheap Cigarettes, dodging the villagers�� eyes, and went to the ��sand smashing�� flowers, sometimes caught by the militia, not detained. The artichoke flower was sent to the brigade, and it was said that it would be a problem. Later, when the reform and opening up, the forest was a bit "open", and more and more people from neighboring villages came to talk about "sand smashing" Cigarettes For Sale. There is a past event that makes me remember very deeply. I was a teenager, and I followed my neighbor��s neighbor who was a few years older than me to the ��sand ���� flower. When I saw it here, I felt a surprise. There are so many banyan trees, and each tree is full of a mutter, a mutter of flowers, very attractive, especially likable, my friends and I quickly put down the squatting scorpion, both hands keep I picked up the flowers, and in a short while, my little friend who was a few years old was full of flowers, and stopped. My sly flowers were almost full, and I continued to lick the flowers, then I I found that my little friends kept walking along the rows of banyan trees, looking at them, and arrived at one. Flat place to stop, suddenly plunges his hands clutching a dahuai branches, unknown to me at this time Newport Cigarettes. I saw him violently falling down, only to hear the "squeaky" sound, the big scorpion branch full of flowers and flowers. I realized this, and my older partner is more worried Online Cigarettes. At this time, the little friend seemed to show a satisfied smile. He said Carton Of Cigarettes, "Let's go!" I looked at the full flower, and returned a "walk", but my heart was contradictory. From a perspective, I can't be with a person who destroys trees. Otherwise, what do people in the village think? This is tantamount to doing bad things together. On the other hand, he is a good neighbor partner for me. He didn't go off and offended him. How to do? I can't make up my mind at this time. The little partner had picked up the scorpion on his left arm, and the right hand grabbed the break of the eucalyptus branch. I still went down with him. When I was on the road, my heart was still contradictory, and I was away from him. When I met an acquaintance, I stayed away from him. When I met no one, I was close to him. So when I didn��t go back home, my little friend��s mother called my grandma to her. At home, I whispered to my grandmother, "Don't go." Grandma didn't understand, just followed, and he came back with some flowers on the big branch, and he was very happy to take it. The scented flowers and my scented flowers were mixed together, and I began to simply rinse the flowers, add the bean noodles, and steam the scented flowers. At this time, I was not happy at all. When I steamed the flowers, I watched my family eating very sweet. I also ate a bit at random. It seemed that I felt a little more flavor in the flowers, not the pure floral fragrance. Later, in the love of a few years ago, every time the flowers bloom, my wife followed her sister to the hills of the suburbs, always a lot of things, to be done, it seems to be floating The same scent, but slowly tasted, it seems that there is less silky taste, what is it? Hey, I remembered it. What is missing is the smell of the hand-painted flowers. This year, I smelled the flowers. I remembered the flowers in the mountains and the wild flowers in the mountains. It was dotted with flowers in the beautiful countryside. Thistle flower. I also remembered the past events along with the flowers, and I remembered the folks who were closely connected with the flowers. The fragrant flowers are not fragrant in the nose, not in the taste buds, but in my heart.

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