PsychToolbox Asio support ended

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PsychToolbox Asio support ended
Hi everybody,

as a new user I am probably one of the first to get hit by this: Psychtoolbox does not support Asio anymore.

Quote:Disclaimer: "ASIO is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH."
Therefore in past Psychtoolbox v3.0.14 and earlier versions, the driver was able to take advantage of ASIO ® by optional installation of a special portaudio.dll which was downloadable by you from a link on this web page. The DLL was not part of the standard old Psychtoolbox distributions due to licensing restrictions wrt. ASIO ®.
Unfortunately, in order to allow me to continue to provide that DLL for download, Steinberg GmbH wanted me to sign a new updated license agreement, whose terms i find unacceptable, as it would put too much burden on myself and the project and lack any future-proofness. Therefore as of December 2018 i will no longer provide that DLL for download, and all past, current and future Psychtoolbox versions hereby lose ASIO ® support. If you need reasonably good sound support, either upgrade to Psychtoolbox 3.0.15 or later for use of WASAPI on Windows, or switch to Linux.

I assume I would have to obtain the DLL officially from Steinberg to get it to work since downgrading PTB was not sufficient. 
Or would there be other solutions?


...found a PC still running psychtoolbox 3.0.14 rev 8424. 
Copied over - now it works (just adding the dll and the old 'InitializePsychSound.m' was not enough). 
But I guess that's not a very future proof solution.

Hi Tobias,

We are about to release an update that will work with the latest version of PsychToolbox, via WASAPI drivers.
We are also about to release a new hardware module to sync newer sound cards with the state machine (ASUS Xonar DX and DSX were discontinued, and newer sound cards do not output enough voltage to drive Bpod's optoisolators).

I'll try to remember to update this thread when this is ready. In case I forget, the news feed on should have an article detailing the new solutions.

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

...and yes: Finding a vendor for the XonarDX took a while - same for the IR sender / receiver pair for building the mouse pokes Wink. But I now have everything up & running with the .7 state-machine (I need 8 ports).

Will WASAPI provide the same low latency as ASIO?


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