Port Valve

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Port Valve
I am using the integrated LED, sensor, valve ethernet cabled port. I can manually turn on the LED, and it detects pokes, but I cannot turn on the valve.

The valve works with a different Bpod, but not a Gen2 Board. What might be wrong?
Hi Sam,

The Gen2 boards have an isolated valve driver circuit, powered externally. You need to plug a DC wall adapter into the barrel jack of the state machine to make the valves work. The wall adapter's voltage and current rating should match the valves you're trying to open. We ship a 1.5A, 12V wall adapter with each state machine. Previous versions of the state machine derived valve power from the USB connection by boost-converting its native 5V to 12V - but power via USB severely limited the number and type of valves you could control.

I hope this helps!


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