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Firmware Discrepancy

We are trying to use a Bpod Finite State machine with Version 22 firmware. However, we continue to get this error....

ERROR: Old state machine firmware detected, v19. 
Please update the state machine firmware to v22, and try again.
Click here to start the update tool, or run UpdateBpodFirmware().
If necessary, manual firmware update instructions are here.

It seems that  obj.FirmwareVersion ~= obj.CurrentFirmware.StateMachine  are different...

We have tried to Update BpodFirmware through your instructions online but have no luck..

Hi Sam,

Is it possible that there is a second state machine with old firmware attached to the same PC?
It would only say v19 if it was reading '19' from the device.
If you connect to the state machine with known v22 firmware using a serial port argument, does it work?
e.g. Bpod('COM3'), where 'COM3' is the known v22 state machine's USB serial port


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