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Ocasional error when clicking on GUI buttons

While bench-testing  a Bpod r0.7, sometimes when clicking a button on the GUI (e.g., ON/OFF override of a wire output line) I get this error:

??? Error using ==> serial.fwrite at 199

An error occurred during writing.

Error in ==> BpodSerialWrite at 5
        fwrite(BpodSystem.SerialPort, ByteString, Datatype);

Error in ==> ManualOverride at 121
    BpodSerialWrite(OverrideMessage, 'uint8');
??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

When this happens, the GUI stops responding, I have to force quit MATLAB and even unplug and replug the USB cable of the Bpod (if not, when I relaunch BPod in MATLAB the program does not find the connected Bpod). 
I am running a MATLAB 2010a on Windows 7.
This seems to happen occasionally, but I came across this issue a few times already.
Could you please give me some insight on what's the problem here?
Thank you very much in advance.
Hi Sebastian

I'm not sure why that would be intermittent. How frequently are you seeing this?
Are any other operations unreliable? (running state machines, etc)
Is there any chance the firmware on your Bpod is different from the version in your /Bpod/Firmware/ folder?
One thing we've noticed is that serial communication with PsychToolbox is faster and solves stability issues.
If you install PsychToolbox using the instructions here, it should be detected and used automatically instead of MATLAB's Java interface.


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