Bpod and fiber photometry

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Bpod and fiber photometry
Hi josh and Bpod users!
I wonder whether anyone have tried using Bpod + analog output + analog input for excitation and acquisition of calcium fiber photomerty recordings? 
If anyone have any experience I will appreciate some feedback and advise. 

Thank you!
Hi Noa,

I haven't done fiber photometry with our analog modules, or heard of anyone doing so. 
Due to how weak the fluorescent signals tend to be, I'd advise using an analog interface with higher bit depth - ours is only 12-bit, in range -2.5 to 2.5V. I'm pretty sure you'll want 24-bits, or 16-bit with a very narrow (~1V) voltage range. Of course you'll want to confirm this with someone who actually does fiber photometry.


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