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How to read licks from interface board
Dear fellow Bpod users,

I am using a external TTL pulse to trigger water reward for an experiment and I want to record when the animal is licking. 
I have been looking into how to detects licks using the Mouse Behavior Port connected to the interface Port Interface Board, but I could not find on the Wiki nor the forum. 
Could someone guide me on how to measure the licks during my experiment?

Thank you
Hello Romain,

If you're using the Bpod state machine, all lick events are automatically recorded and time-stamped by the state machine. You'd simply have the state machine run a state (e.g. this) and the data will be returned when the state ends.

If you're using the port interface board with custom hardware, it would be helpful to know more about what you're trying to connect it to.


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