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configuring PulsePal in Python

I'm using Python to configure a PulsePal, and whenever I attempt to set a voltage on the PulsePal (e.g. phase1Voltage), both the PulsePal and the command window freeze.  I have to power cycle the PulsePal to restore it.  I can set other parameters that are logical or timing-related (isBiphasic, phase1Duration, etc) without any problems.  

Has anyone run into a similar issue?  I'm running firmware version 2.0.1 on Windows 10.

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for writing in!
I haven't heard a report of this yet.
Unlike time which is a straightforward conversion from seconds to microseconds, the voltage has to be converted to DAC bits before it is sent - perhaps the conversion code is crashing.
Which Python version are you using? (Unfortunately, the Pulse Pal API requires Python 2.7.)


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