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threshold events and rotary encoder module
I am trying to use Bpod FSM v2.2 and the rotary encoder module for a 2AFC task, but the lack of an example protocol using the encoder has me a bit stumped. In particular, I'm a bit confused about the ability to set multiple thresholds--for example, one threshold to setting an "idle" period at the start of a protocol and another threshold for left/right choice. If two thresholds are declared:
R = RotaryEncoderModule('COM7');
R.thresholds = [-10 10 -40 40];
R.sendThresholdEvents = 'on';

Are these referenced as events in the state machine as RotaryEncoder1_1,  RotaryEncoder1_2, RotaryEncoder1_3 and RotaryEncoder1_4 respectively?

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RE: threshold events and rotary encoder module - by Jeff - 10-09-2019, 05:15 PM

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