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r_05 running Gen2...BpodParameterGUI sync failure
Hello! Recently, my lab migrated from Win7 to 10. With the exact same code (TwoAFC_Phase1.m, only changes being the functions that changed names/data structure hierarchy in the Bpod like BpodSystem.Status.BeingUsed) on Win7/r2012a/r_05, the GUI would successfully sync to updated parameters. The main parameter of concern is MinCenterPoke time (line 84), the length of time a rat must hold in a central port to initiate the operant TwoAFC task. This value increments for each successful hold until they hit 600ms.

With the new setup (Win10/r2012a/r_05 running Gen2), the internal parameter increments (good!), but it does not display the change on the GUI, which poses a problem, because the undergraduates log the MinCenterPoke time for the next day's trials. I've put in a temporary stop-gap by simply unsuppressing the code that increments the parameter (line 388), but I would prefer to make it nice and pretty with the GUI! My other endeavors of diving into the firmware have been a success, but I can't quite wrap my head around the BpodParameterGUI code.

Thoughts on this? As always, thank you!

-Tim, Read Lab University of Connecticut
Hi Tim,

Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the code you're referencing.
Could you please send the protocol as an attachment to



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