1 Matlab controls 2 PulsePals

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1 Matlab controls 2 PulsePals
We're trying to use the Matlab software(Windows, MATLAB R2016b) to control 2 PulsePals those connected on different serial ports (like one connected on COM12 and another on COM11), then use the command like ##SetPulsePalVoltage(1,2,0)## to trigger the 2 PulsePals independently.

Did anyone has done this before or is this feasible? Huh
Hi Zhouzhou,

If you use the firmware in the beta branch of the repository and the  MATLAB class in the same branch, you can initialize 2 objects (1 for each Pulse Pal) from the MATLAB command line as: 

PulsePalA = PulsePalObject('COM3');
PulsePalB = PulsePalObject('COM4');

You'd then call the methods and change the fields of PulsePalA and , to control each device.

As a workaround with your current setup, you may (depending on many things) be able to run a second Pulse Pal from second instance of MATLAB. In that case, call:


from the command line of the first instance, and


from the command line of the second.

Of course, if you need both to be coordinated as part of a single experiment, this won't be practical.


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