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Hello all!

I am Tiffany Oña, I work with Jaime de la Rocha in Barcelona, Spain.

While preparing our new setup, we used the 3D printing model for head-fixed lickport offered at Sanworks and we tested it. In our hands it presented some limitations that we managed to fix and we thought that it could be useful for everyone if we shared our version!

With the old version of the lickport, we couldn't detect objects smaller than 11Ga (11Ga was detected but from 13Ga on it wasn't). We used Sanworks mouse noseport  which is already tested in experiments to reshape the hole where the photoreceptor and emitter are located. Using this improvement, we were able to enhance the precision of the photogate up to 18Ga. 

I can attach the files because of incompatibilities with the filetype but if anyone encounters the same problem and needs a solution, please contact us! Also, we will be willing to share the models for Sanworks website if Josh finds them useful. 


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