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Newbie here: PulsePal does not turn on as standalone mode
Hi, I am very new to PulsePal and I am using Gen 2.

At first time I use this device, I connected the device via USB to PC and it turned on as a standalone mode.

I remember that I selected regular pulse per 5 sec as 5 V and connected the output channel 1 to Open Ephys IO board and set there for a while.

Then I came back a few hours later and found that Pulse Pal does not show anything on screen.

Fortunate thing is that it is still recognized in Device Manager in Windows.

Is there any way to reset the device (?) to enable standalone mode?

Thanks in advance
Hi Janghw,

If you unplug and re-plug the USB connector to reset the device, does the screen display correctly again?
If not, you may have to re-load the firmware following instructions here.
Out of curiosity, what device is Pulse Pal connected to?

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