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Unique Bpod IDs

I am looking for a way to uniquely identify Bpod modules over USB.

I considered flashing the Arduino's EEPROM with a nonvolatile identifier, but the Due doesn't support this.

Another approach would be to just put a constant in the Bpod firmware header info, but this would of course need to be done each time the firmware is updated.

Is there already a solution to this?  Any suggestions?

Hi Dan

Unfortunately we haven't implemented unique IDs.
The good news is, if you're using Bpod state machine 0.7-0.9, the board's fRAM IC is non-volatile, and can act as a faux EEPROM.
I didn't write a library to interact with it, but the firmware should have a few good examples of read and write ops.
Just make sure to use an address at the very end of the array; the beginning is used to store event timestamps.


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