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launch manager while bench testing
For future readers, the issue turned out to be the MATLAB path.
When you first set up Bpod, make sure you add the repository root folder to the MATLAB path *without* subfolders.
If you accidentally added all subfolders, try deleting them and adding back the root.
The repository root folder is:
'Bpod_Gen2-master', which you can safely rename 'Bpod_Gen2' before adding it to the path.

In a future update, I'll make sure our code handles "add-subfolders" gracefully.
Hi Josh,

Thanks for your help earlier today. I still have a problem to run the example code but now the issue is a new one.
I cannot seems to upload the firmware anymore though the teensy is found in the device manager and the port is correct.
I rebooted the Bpod as well as the PC but that does not fix the issue.

Now I get the following when trying to upload the firmware

Sketch uses 39984 bytes (3%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1048576 bytes.
Global variables use 111084 bytes (42%) of dynamic memory, leaving 151060 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 262144 bytes.
Found serial '\\.\COM3', but unable to open for reboot request 
  Windows Error Info: The system cannot find the file specified. 
  more ideas... 
Teensy did not respond to a USB-based request to enter program mode. 
Please press the PROGRAM MODE BUTTON on your Teensy to upload your sketch.

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