Test curve for water

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Test curve for water
Hi, I just installed a bpod (2.0), everything seems to work fine, except for the water valve (Bpod set up using only 1 water valve and no other modules). I am not sure it uses the calibration file...
Water valve is working and delivers water, I can calibrate new values in the calibration file but if I want to test it with the test curve, I have an error message and I cannot test the valve.
Any ideas? see below the error message

"Error using BpodLiquidCalibration>RunRewardCal (line 575)
Pulse durations should be specified in seconds.

Error in BpodLiquidCalibration>RunSpecificAmount (line 808)
    Completed = RunRewardCal(nPulses, TargetValves, PulseDurations, .2);
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback."


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