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Install font error
Hi Veronica,

On line 83 of BpodObject.m, the PC looks for the font in a list of system fonts. It expects it to be named either 'OCRASTD' or 'OCR A Std', which are the two system names we've encountered thus far - but it's possible that the font is named something else on your system.

At the MATLAB command line, if you type 

F = listfonts

you should see the list in alphabetical order. If you scroll up, is there something like OCRASTD' or 'OCR A Std'? If so, please reply with your PC's version and I'll include it with the next software release. For now, to get your copy running, add it to line 83. For instance, if your PC called it 'OCRA_STD', the line would read:

if (sum(strcmp(F, 'OCRAStd')) == 0) && (sum(strcmp(F, 'OCR A Std')) == 0) && (sum(strcmp(F, 'OCRA_STD')) == 0)

I hope this helps, and thanks in advance for the info!


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