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Save Manually delivered events
Hi All,

In my behavior paradigm, I gave some manual delivery using TTLs of Bpod's output, which is the port override LED button. I was wondering if Bpod will record those manual delivery timestamps. As of now, I do not see those events in 'RawEvents' structure. Is there a way to record those manual delivery events? 

Thank you very much!

Hi Motor Monster,

Unfortunately the current software and firmware does not timestamp manual overrides. We'll have to add that in a future update.
There is one (awkward) way you can do it, however - 
if you manually override an input channel, you create a behavior event, and this event can trigger a state change. If you link the state change to a special state that controls a desired output and returns when it's done, you can control an output line and have timestamps on when it happened. Unfortunately, this interrupts the usual flow of states for the duration of the override. Here's an example using manual override of BNC input channel 2:

sma = NewStateMachine;

sma = AddState(sma, 'Name', 'WaitForChoice', ...
   'Timer', 0,...
   'StateChangeConditions', {'Port1In', 'Choice1','Port2In', 'Choice2', 'BNC2High', 'OverrideValve'},...
   'OutputActions', {});
sma = AddState(sma, 'Name', 'OverrideValve', ...
   'Timer', 0.5,...
   'StateChangeConditions', {'BNC2Low', '>back'},...
   'OutputActions', {'Valve1', 1});
 Note: States 'Choice1' and 'Choice2' are omitted for clarity.

I hope this helps,


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