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Assembly 2.0
Hello! I am really excited to start using the PulsePal 2.0. I purchased all of the components from the Bill of Assembly, and just now realized the Assembly Instructions are not posted yet! May I please have some directions! I am using the PulsePal for my dissertation research, and need to get moving with a reliable stimulator. I am using a voltage generator right now for my cell work.  Confused
Hi BioESteel

The circuit board assembly instructions are ready now.
The enclosure assembly instructions are currently provided in text, but illustrations need to be added.
For now, the illustrations in the PulsePal 1.X assembly guide can be used. 

There are 2 differences:
1. You have to encase the light pipes with heat shrink tubing for Pulse Pal 2, to block neighboring LEDs. 
Make sure the bottom face of the light pipe remains exposed.

2. The 4 screws to secure the bottom panel are omitted.

The assembly guide for Pulse Pal 2 is here:

and enclosure assembly for Pulse Pal 1.X is here:

Hopefully we'll have the v2 enclosure illustrations ready soon.

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