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Detect Pulse Pal in Open Ephys - davidh - 09-23-2020


I am writing to ask how to solve a problem of installing driver for Pulse Pal and having Open Ephys to recognize it. Briefly, I followed the instruction on the Pulse Pal wiki ( to download the to our Win7 computer and copy the contents of the folder (PulsePal-master) to Documents\PulsePal. Pulse Pal is also connected to the computer. 

However, we were unable to see any signals on an oscilloscope connected to the Pulse Pal after we hit "trigger" on the Open Ephys GUI. But we could see signals if we directly triggered it in Pulse Pal. We don't know if we have installed the driver successfully, as the Device Manager showed it was not installed. 

I am wondering what I could potentially do to solve this problem. 

Thank you!

Best regards,