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AnalogInput Module Thresholds - mjdubs25 - 06-05-2020

Hello Everyone,

I have a couple questions concerning thresholds for the analog input module:

What is the syntax for using the threshold as a state-change for the state machine?  Is it something like 'AnalogInput1_1', 'AnalogInput1_2', etc. for the thresholds on each channel, respectively?

Can I set a 'goal state' and then have a timer run within that state, so that the trial will terminate when that timer is up?

Can I connect my analog signal to multiple analog input channels so I can essentially set multiple thresholds for the same signal?  Like say I want to trigger a threshold crossing of both 5V and 6V.  Can this be accomplished by simply connecting the same analog signal to two input channels and setting a 5V threshold on the first channel and a 6V on the other?

When I call the function 'getData()', does it only return data between the most recent 'startLogging()' and 'stopLogging()' commands?

Thanks a lot for all your help!

RE: AnalogInput Module Thresholds - Josh - 06-06-2020

Hi Matt,

Replies are in this thread.