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Consecutive triggering of outputs - sam - 02-17-2020

Hi Josh,

I'm looking to use sequential incoming TTLs (on Trigger Channel 1 for example) to iteratively trigger output channels 1 to 4. That is, the first TTL would trigger output channel 1, the second would trigger output channel 2 and so forth, and then repeat, such that the fifth TTL would again trigger output channel 1, and so on. Just wondered if you had any advice about how might be best to relay this to the PulsePal (v2)?

Many thanks for a great product, and look forward to your thoughts!

RE: Consecutive triggering of outputs - Josh - 02-18-2020

Hi Sam,

The currently implemented options for interpreting trigger logic are given here.
To do what you're describing you'd either have to modify the firmware, or to have the PC program new trigger link parameters between pulses.