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Behavior tracking - simonM - 03-19-2017

I am working on a setup modification to save down our behavioral video tracking and was hoping to get some advice on how to do this best Angel .

We use logitech webcams to monitor the setup and I would like to use that information for analysis while still being able to see the video to know whats going on when an experiment is running. Would Bonsai be a good idea for this? I currently only have a low-latency ubuntu system in the rig that runs the paradigm and takes care of stimulus presentation so I would need an additional windows system. Could I use the bonsai socket to have bpod start and end video acquisition in bonsai? Could I achieve robust timing with that approach?

Alternatively, I was playing with streaming video directly through Matlabs IMAQ on the ubuntu machine but the webcams fps is not as constant as I would like it to be. Specifically, every ~300ms a frame is delayed by half the usual inter-frame interval, regardless of resolution, exposure ect.. I'm not sure if this is because of the hardware (tried a logitech B920 and C922 so far) or the linux uvc drivers.

Any input would be much appreciated !