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HiFi Module - Bowey - 08-11-2021

Hi Josh,

I wonder if there is a detailed documentation on how to configure the Hifi module? I followed the Bpod wiki HiFi module and tested with the example HiFiSound2AFC code but couldn't play the sound generated by 'GenerateSinWave' function, but was able to play the 'punishsound'.

Thank you!


RE: HiFi Module - Josh - 08-11-2021

Hi Bowie,

Please share your code - it will be much easier to debug if we can see what you're running.
You can paste it here with the 'code' tool in the toolbar, or email it to

If you're using unmodified code from the example folder here, what are you doing physically to trigger the sounds? If you're trying to trigger them from the command line, what commands are you using?